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Custom fonts

You can now upload your custom fonts to your GenerateBanners font library. This enables you to create original designs with your own font files.

Screenshot of a modal containing a drop zone for files and a list of fonts with a preview for each font
You custom font library

This feature has already been used by a couple of happy customers who needed their images to match their website design.

A screenshot of a tweet that has a GenerateBanners social preview with the text "Atlassian Surf Club" using a custom font.
An example of a GenerateBanners customer using the custom font feature

There were also several smaller updates recently:

  • You can now edit the rounding of each corner of your layers independently (previously all corners had the same rounding value).
  • You can now edit the padding of each side of your text layer.
  • Fixed a bug that was mistakenly converting your .svg hosted images to .png images in some cases.
  • Added a missing font weight in the Open Sans font.



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