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6 months ago

Added a new template

This new template allows you to frame an image with a browser mockup.

A fun option is to use an image from GenerateBanners as the image like in the following screenshot.

Browser mockup showing an image saying "Automate your designs -"

7 months ago

Added a new template

This new template is a great way to highlight an image without having text on top of it.

The diagonal split makes the image dynamic and leave room for a logo, a title and a subtitle.

Screenshot of the "split template" with the text "automate your designs -"

7 months ago

Added a new template

This new template gives all the space to a strong background picture.

The only text is the title at the bottom of the image.

Best for blogs that have great visuals and want neat Open Graph images.

Photo of a forest with the text "7 tips for a great hike"
Photo of library shelves with the text "Learn faster and better with spaced repetition"

7 months ago

Moved to apple-style emojis ❤️‍🔥

Sometimes an emoji is the best way to express your brand.

We've got you covered with the Apple-style emojis. No ugly free emoji library. Enjoy high quality emojis in your images!

Screenshot of text with emojis saying: "GenerateBanners loves emojis"

How many emojis is too many emojis? Good question! We don't enforce any limit, we trust you to use them carefully 😂

8 months ago

New shortcuts to align layers

When creating custom templates, you can now use three buttons to align layers horizontally. No need to place them by hand anymore !

A short demo on how it works:


9 months ago

New no-code template editor

The new template editor enables you to implement your custom designs in a couple of minutes without technical knowledge.

Watch the one-minute demo for an overview of the editor :

Previously you could only use the existing templates from the library so this is a step towards making design accessible to everyone.

To get started, go to the template library and click on "Create a custom template".

9 months ago

Added a new template

After noticing that the simple tweet template is the most used, we decided to create an improved tweet template.

The focus is to highlight the tweet content in the middle of a colorful gradient. The customization options are the same as the simple tweet template, which allows you to create custom tweet screenshots using the interface or the API.

Here is an example:

Screenshot of a tweet


9 months ago

Added a new template

If you want to automate banner creation, it's best to have solid templates to start from.

We've added a new template that features a background image with a title, an author profile picture and the author name.

Enough talking, here is an example:

Screenshot of food with the title of a recipe article

You can customize the image, text and profile picture and make this template your own on


9 months ago

Added a CDN

This feature is changing how you can use!

Previously you would:

  1. Generate an image using the UI
  2. Download it
  3. Upload it somewhere so that you can use it on the web

That was too many steps.

Now you can:

  1. Generate an image using the UI
  2. Use the generated link directly in your open graph tags or your img html tags (this is called hotlinking).

It's a lot easier now that you can hotlink images.

This enabled me to add one simple open graph image on the whole website very easily!

10 months ago

Soft launch

I believe in releasing early and often. Instead of building forever by myself, I chose to release the half-finished website, and I've been doing small improvement ever since.

The launch was just a tweet:

This launch brought us 13 users, although only eight of them actually created an image.

1 year ago

First commit

The best way to start a side project is to commit something to git!

In April 2021, I've decided to start an API that generates images based on templates.

My main pain point was creating thumbnails for YouTube, but I did struggle with good social images for blog posts too.

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