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GenerateBanners 1.0

After working full-time on GenerateBanners for 6 months, it is time for the official 1.0 launch! Read to the end to see our metrics!

If you’re new to GenerateBanners, we enable you to create visual templates using text and image layers and render several images from the template. Several of our users create their website social previews using GenerateBanners (also known as Open Graph images).

This release contains several new features and improvements. With these improvements, GenerateBanners becomes more complete for users to automate their image generation. The three main improvements are:

  • Template sets
  • Multiple file formats
  • More templates

As we launch GenerateBanners 1.0, we are planning to stop the generous discount at the end of the month. Feel free to start your subscription before January 1st 2023 to secure the one-year 50% discount! Use the code EARLY22 during checkout.

Template sets

Template sets enable you to generate multiple images at the same time. You can easily add your templates to the set. Then generate one image for each template in one go.

There are two main use cases:

  1. Use several template styles to render the same information using different templates (example: preview different styles to choose the most appropriate one for your data).
  2. Use one template style with different sizes to render the same information to different sizes (example: share the same message on different social networks).

Here is an example on how to use it in three steps.

Create your template set, add your templates
Add your data and click "Generate". This step could be replaced with using the Zapier action.
Get your generated images right away!

Multiple file formats

Since the creation of GenerateBanners, you could only generate JPEG images. This is a great format that works well on the web. You can now render templates to two new file formats: PNG images and PDF files.

PDF files enable you to automate filling business templates such as invoices. The PDFs are created such that text can be selected, making it easier for the recipient to use the data you've included in your pdf.

PNG files enable high quality rendering and transparency, like in the example below.

Example of a transparent PNG, the shadow will overlap the background

These formats can be chosen from the GenerateBanners form view or from your Zapier automation.

More templates

You can now use seven new templates. Five of them were added thanks to a collaboration with AnnK.

These designs have been added to help users understand the many use-cases that GenerateBanners can help with:

  • Testimonials: two templates to share a user testimonial (in light and dark modes). This can easily be adapted to share a message from a social network by changing the double quote icon by the social network icon.
  • Event organization: a template for announcing an event and another one to share a speaker and their talk.
  • Ecommerce: a template to share a new collection, one to share a sale and another one to share a product.
The latest templates

As with all the other templates, you can edit them before using them. This enables you to adapt them to your use-case.

Thanks for reading

So far 400+ users have signed up to create 18,000+ images. We introduced a paid plan 1.5 months ago and have reached 38€ MRR as of December 13th 2022.

I'm having a lot of fun building this product and helping my new and existing users be more productive. Thanks for reading through this long article, your support means a lot!

Here are two ways you can give us more support (and save some time on your image-generation tasks):

  1. Test GenerateBanners, using the 50-images-per-month free plan.
  2. Secure your one-year 50% discount by subscribing before the 1st of January 2023.



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