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Introducing GenerateBanners Video

This feature has now been removed. More information about this decision here.

The goal for GenerateBanners was always to help automate visual creation. We were only helping with images... until now!

The video announcement

Automate video creation

You can now create videos from the GenerateBanners interface and the API. In a later release, this will be available in the Zapier, Make and n8n integrations.

The videos format has been chosen to be compatible with all social networks. It is also widely supported by browsers, making it safe to embed on a web page.

How it works: you use a GenerateBanners template and set the filetype to be mp4, with an optional audio track.

A screenshot of the GenerateBanners settings for video
The template form new file type value (mp4) and the audio field.

Enjoy animated layers

You can also use Gif images to add more animation in your video. A example use case is to use a soundwave gif to show there is an audio track.

How it works: Add an image layer with a gif and activate the "Is animated" toggle.

A screenshot of the "Is animated" image layer option in the GenerateBanners editor. The image layer is a gif of an histogram illustrating a sound wave.
The "Is animated" image layer option in the GenerateBanners editor.

Try it now

The video costs one credit per second. This makes GenerateBanners video automation one of the most affordable options in the market.

You also get 50 credits per month on the free plan, create your first video now!



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